Leche pura, Salud Sin Riesgo (pure milk, safe health) is an UBACYT project made within the University of Buenos AiresThe goal was to find the best way to spread good dairy practices in a rural environment, where internet access is limited and technologies are not always the most advanced.
We worked on three key elements: a how-not-to guide on books, a canvas poster with the steps of the routine to be hang on the farm, and a micro-site from which to download the e- book and request the poster.

We Did
Campaign Visual Identity
Editorial Design
Micro Site
"We need an easy guide. Something that doesn't rely on the web to carry it everywhere"

Considering there isn't great and constant connection on the farms, we needed to focus on a light way to carry information, this is why we chose e-book and physical book. For this, the authors chose to point out the "not-to-do" instead of "to-do" steps, reason why the editorial design was done with two different colors in its palette to separate the right from the wrong: green for the right, orange for the wrong.   

The poster was printed on a recycled plastic surface, easy to hang in a farm environment where mud, water, and other organic materials could stain it. Plastic is easy to clean, easy to store, and it lasts longer than a regular paper poster.​​​​​​​
 Leche Pura, Salud Sin Riesgo es un proyecto UBACYT realizado por la Universidad de Buenos Aires, Facultad de Agronomía, en el marco de la convocatoria "Universidad Agregando Valor". El desafío fue encontrar cómo poder difundir las buenas prácticas lecheras en un ambiente rural, donde el acceso a internet es limitado y no siempre las tecnologías son lo más avanzado. Para tal fin, se definieron tres puntos claves: recopilación de material en dos libros, material adicional (un poster de lona con los pasos de la rutina para ser colgando en el tambo) y material web (incluyendo un microsite de donde bajar el e-book).
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